Teacher-Librarian (December 2005-2006) had a list of useful bogus websites to incorporate into information literacy lessons

Dog Island A site that gives information on a great island for dogs.

Republic of Molossia An official looking website that explains the small Republic of Molossia is located in Nevada.

Google Pigeon Rank A webpage created April Fool's Day 2002 that spoofs how Google ranks its searches.

Fisher Price Airplane A webpage created to show the benefits of a Fisher Price airplane. Check out the pictures.

The British Stick Insect Foundation A interesting look into Stick Insects

Buydehydratedwater.com A real looking commercial site that advertises dehydrated water.

The Pacific Northwest Tree Octopus An official looking website about a non existent animal.

McWhortle.com A bogus site about a non-existant appliance

California's Velcro Crop A page about the hypothetical California Velcro crop.

Improbable Research A site that pokes fun at cats reacting to bearded men and the sceintific method.

Victorian Robots A site documenting robots from history using edited photography..

Aluminum Foil Deflector Beanie A site advertising aluminum foil deflector beanies to protect against radiation.

Facts about Idiotica A mini bogus encyclopedia.

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