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Individuals who promote key information literacy ideas

Information Literacy from November Learning

Joyce Kasman Valenza a school librarian with a multitude of internet lesson plans and information literacy ideas

Kathy Schrock website at for "critical evaluation information"

Resources to help prepare and maintain information literacy lessons

Articles - lots of news and internet articles focused on information literacy

21st Century Information Fluency Project - Online Tools, Resources, Tutorials and Games to further Digital Information Fluency

Assessment tool - TRAILS (TRAILS: Tool for Real-time Assessment of Information Literacy Skills) targets high school, but could be useful for other levels

The Big 6 Information Problem Solving Model - Rich Resources, Lessons, Assessments and more

Blogs - a number of blogs associated with information literacy

Bogus Websites - numerous links to additional bogus websites that could be incorporated into a lesson plan

Information Literacy Resources at Shambles

Interactive Activites - multiple resources and web lessons for younger students

Tutorials - a list of tutorials from libraries and institutions of learning about information literacy

The Wikipedia controversy -many related articles