Bernstein, Paula. The kid's all right; and so is the old man Information Today, Inc. Vol. 14 No. 3 — March 2006. More on the wikipedia/Encyclopedia Britannica controversy.

Carvin, Andy. "Wikipedia Blocks School's Editing Privileges Due to Vandalism." 28 March 2006. Accessed 28 March 2006. "By ignoring Wikipedia rather than teaching critical, responsible uses of it, schools are practically inviting students to edit Wikipedia at their own peril. We should be preparing students for constructive participation in the Read/Write Web; otherwise it might as well be the Read/Vandalize Web."

Riddell, Roger. “Wikis test Students' Research Skills.” eSchool News Online. "Wikipedia and other reference sites that allow users to submit and edit content themselves are creating new challenges for educators. Experts say the rise of these kinds of web sites underscores the need for educators to teach students strong information-literacy skills."

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